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It Takes More than Pay to Attract & Retain Talent: Employee Benefits Data for Washington State Employers

    September 18, 2017

    In today’s competitive talent marketplace, it is imperative for organizations to make informed and strategic decisions regarding their employee benefits strategy. We all know that data can provide insights that help you answer key business questions (such as “How can I attract top talent?”). Data leads to insights; business leaders can turn those insights into decisions and actions that improve the business. This is the power of data.

    When formulating your employee benefits strategy wouldn’t it make sense to have relevant market data regarding the types of benefits being offered by other employers; how to provide more personalized choice in your benefits packages; ways to reduce cost and shift risk with alternative contribution strategies; and much more?

    Washington State SHRM is conducting a statewide Employee Benefits Survey. This survey will provide detailed information regarding the various employee benefits programs offered by employers throughout the state. The survey opens for participation on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. Results will be published in mid-November. Survey participants who are SHRM members and affiliated with a local SHRM chapter will receive the results for free!

    Get complete details and claim your COMPLIMENTARY Comprehensive Employee Benefits Report by participating in the online survey no later than Friday, September 29th by visiting