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Congratulations! 2017 AVHRA Scholarship Recipient - Daicey Leyva Sanchez

    July 20, 2017

    Congratulations to Daicy Leyva Sanchez, our 2017 AVHRA Scholarship recipient. 
    Daicy graduated from Manson High School this past June.  She had an impressive high school tenure with excellent grades and scholastic interests that culminated in being awarded several scholarships.  She also spent her senior year serving as a Manson Apple Blossom Princess.  Nine impressive applications were carefully considered and scored by a Scholarship Committee (Kari Page-Chair, Lynn Bourton and Mary Lou Johnson).  Daicy was one of two applicants who outlined specific interest in pursuing studies and a career in Human Resources.  Board Members Kari Page and Lisa Lee attended the Manson High School Scholarship Awards Ceremony in June and couldn’t have been more proud to present this scholarship to Daicy on behalf of AVHRA.  It is so rare for a high school student to have such a solid future focus.  Daicy is an impressive young lady with a bright future ahead of her.  We wish her much success during her college years at Seattle Pacific University and look forward to welcoming her back to our HR community if we are lucky enough to have her when she graduates!  In the meantime, I hope our AVHRA membership will consider welcoming her with open arms if she decides to pursue summer internships close to home through the years.

     ~ Kari Page, AVHRA President